Fold Up Boxes

“Perfect packaging solution for easy product display…”

The fold up carton is the perfect packaging option to easily display your product, emphasizing their most attractive features without compromising product security. Fold up Packs are available with the following specification options:

  • 200 – 400 MICRON PVC/PET
  • Flip top (visually better, more expensive)
  • Clicklock (ideal for bottom closure)
  • Crash lock (tamper proof)
  • Different constructions to facilitate hanging
  • Euro slot:
    Hanger unit
    Die cut handles
    Glue flap position optional

Important Information:
Non-symmetrical packs must have a false crease for folding Continuous jet pack (ie. 1 meter and above, different shapes, glued, false crease)

Print Finishes: Screen, litho, foil and, Digital Print

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